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The View from Here...

We believe that connecting with nature enriches our minds and expands our hearts.
The great outdoors opens us up to endless possibilities while Danao makes us feel comfortably close to home.

Our mission is to make outdoor furniture as beautiful, flawlessly designed, and enduring as nature itself. We create the serene and luxurious exterior living spaces that connect people with the natural world and encourage them to savor every moment.

Our Materials

Materials used in Danao’s furniture must withstand all weather conditions. This means that our materials, assembly techniques and fabrics are very carefully chosen in every detail to fulfill Danao’s high quality standards. All our materials have been selected after a rigorous research, test and selection by our design team..


Danao Living Creates Beautiful Spaces...by Design.

The interior design firms and architects we serve in contract, hospitality and residential sectors trust us as a valued partner in carrying out important and challenging projects. As a modern brand connecting the American spirit of imagination, commitment and creativity with the talents of celebrated designers from around the globe.

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