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Inova Modern Murphy Beds

We revolutionized murphy beds to be truly multi-functional and stylish. Using innovative engineering, InovaBeds combine two necessary pieces of furniture into a single, easy to use, transformable piece.

Sofa Wall-beds

Inova Sofa-WallBeds transform from a stylish and comfortable sofa to an equally comfortable bed in seconds. Our patented EasyMotion feature eliminates the need to remove and store sofa cushions. As the bed is lowered, the seat and back of the sofa automatically pivot and tuck under the structure as it transforms from sofa to bed.


Table Beds

Inova TableBeds transform from a generous-size dining or work table to a comfortable bed in seconds. They are available in every size, from twin to King.

Wall Beds

Inova WallBeds offer the combined luxury of a wide, open space during the day and an uncompromisingly comfortable bed at night. Our cabinets open with an easy pull and are transformed into a bed in seconds. They are light to the touch and will hover safely if let go of midway while lowering the bed.

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