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Approved Brands

LCM is a specified and approved vendor for brands like Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Choice Hotels, Best Western, Casino Hotels and more...
That means we are fully equipped to add life to any order, while keeping the project quick, easy, and on-brand. We’re adding new agreements all the time.

Building Excellence

Lodging Concepts Manufacturing has built a reputation for industry excellence. Thousands of locations have relied on our branded programs for effortless design, fulfillment, and installation. Trusted to fully service any order, LCM keeps projects on-brand, on-budget, and efficient.

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Lodging Concepts has offices in Los Angeles, CA, Mexico, China and Indonesia, LCM has dedicated teams for everything from design and engineering to logistics and repairs. We are here to eliminate headaches, and make your project a reality.

We get it done.
 Through our global workforce, LCM maintains an integrated supply chain to add value at every step, from sourcing materials, to conceptualizing design...Let’s work together, and learn about what needs to be done. We’ll identify your needs based on ideal guest experience, guest demographics, budget, occupancy, ADR and expected future PIP requirements.

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