Electric Mirror specializes in creating handcrafted masterpieces. With 25 engineers and over 360 employees, all under one roof, we can quickly produce any design that you can dream

Dazzling luxury and a memorable experience in hotels, homes, offices, and retail locations around the world is what our products are all about.

In addition to offering an extensive line of products we routinely create fantastic custom mirrors to meet interior designers’ unique needs.

There is no other Lighted Mirror and Mirror TV company like Electric Mirror. We invented the industry and hold more than 40 patents with dozens pending.

We design, fabricate, and assemble our products here in the USA and offer the best protection in compliance, insurance, and warranty

Revolutionize, invigorate, and transform your space with the most advanced mirror technology products available.

Limitless mirror design began in 1997 when we launched a creative revolution by inventing Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TVs.

Custom Drapery Workroom